Friday, September 4, 2015

Antique Prehistoric Zoomorphic Cow Ox Bull Bovine Pot Vessel Pottery Jar

An authentic prehistoric  zoomorphics vessel, bull form with cord  pattern around the body.
Excavated  in Lop Buri province, Pasak River Basin, middle of Thailand.
Condition :   very fine and rare.
Material : terracotta
Date : 2,300 BCE.
Size :  5"(wide)x 13"(long) x7"(tall)
Weight :  2,800 g. (not included the packet)

Friday, August 28, 2015


Here is ancient stunning aqua-color HEXAGONAL FACETED BARREL SHAPE BEAD or Diamond  from Dvaravati period,  excavated from Krabi province in southern of Thailand.
Condition : used, minor scratched on surface  due to buried for a  long time.
Date : 6th-7th century.
Material : blue quartz
Color :   aquamarine
Size : 15mm.(long)x  dia. (at middle) 18 mm. (see photo more detail

Friday, August 21, 2015

Ancient Thai Prehistoric Neolithic Ban chiang Slit Clam Shell Earring Ornament Jewelry

 Lot of 3  of prehistoric  slit clam shell earring, Ban chiang period,  found in a tomb at Ban chaing archaeology site, Nong Han District, Udon Thani, east-north of Thailand.    

Age : 2,500-3,000 yrs.
Material :  ancient giant clam shell  
Condition : excellent. not cleaned condition.
Size : apprx. 4- 6 cm.(long) x  3-5 cm. (wide)  x 5-9 mm.(thick)
Weight : 19 , 33, 46 grams.

Friday, July 31, 2015


A  gorgeous board celadon dish/plate with erotic drawing on the bottom, incised whit fish in the central and lotus pattern on exterior.
Date :15th century
Condition :   used, one crack line. 
Size :  wide = 14 ", height =1 ".
Weight :  2,300 grams.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ban chiang Solid Bronze Torque/Neck ring Prehistoric artifact

Here is an ancient solid bronze torque/neck ring decorated with 4 solid ball  from prehistoric age (Ban chiang period).  Made of bronze, In a superb state of preservation and exhibiting a beautiful deep green patina, 
Excavated from Northeast of Thailand.
Condition : excellent, deep green patina, unrestored
Date :  2,000-4,000 yrs. 
Color : copper color covered with green patina.
Material : bronze
Size :  inner dia. 100 mm. , india. of decorating ball 15 mm.
Weight : 200 grams

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Antique Chinese Porcelain footed Disk Plat Enamel Bat Rose Motif Red Marked

Chinese porcelain footed dish, with hand painting with a blossom rose and a butterfly around with green enamel stripe and gold painted on the scalloped rim, and  4 red bats drawing to the exterior, raised on a recessed foot decorated with sea wave , measure 1.5" height, 6.5" wide.  On the bottom marked with 4 red Chinese word in double oval line. Produced in Ming to early Qing dynasty period.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Group of Natural Carnelian Agate Dvaravati Bead Ornament Pendant Jewelry

Here is a group of 9  ancient carnelian  beads .  There are 5 oval shape bead (piece 5-9 in photo 3,4 below) and 4 flat diamond shape bead (piece no. 1,2,3,4 in photo 3,4 below), found at burial site in Lopburi province , the ancient kingdom  Davarvati in ancient time (The area located in the middle area of Thailand such as Suphanburi, Nakornpatom, Singburi, Angtong, Chainat, Nakornsawan, Lopburi, etc.) .

Date : 11th-16th century. (Dvaravati period)
Condition : used and buried underground for thousands of years, all have minor scratched and damaged on skin , 
2 piece was crack (piece no. 5, 6 in the fist photo, below).  
Size : approx. : 15 mm. (long)x7mm.(wide)x5mm.(thick)